Aluminum Boat Keel

Here are a few photographs of the hull repair and replacing the forward section of keel. The boat struck a submerged log at speed. The owner was able to obtain a extruded section of keel from a manufacturer's representative. It showed up completely straight, not formed to the curve of the hull. We fabricated three sets of dies one to stretch the bottom of the extrusion ( lineal stretch), one to stretch the rear end prior to swaging for the overlap and one to swage the end in the press. We created a profile of the hull after we reshaped and repaired the hull damage. The actual shaping of the keel was done very methodically as we would have had to wait weeks or months for another piece of keel extrusion. We were successful with the shaping of the keel with back and forth from the dies to the profile gauge.

The riveting. I have some experience with solid riveting but it's not something I am doing regularly. Due to time restraints and my apprehension I called in my friend and someone with copious amount of riveting experience gained by a decade at a major aircraft manufacturer, Tim McDevitt owner of Willoughby Hot Rods Ava Missouri. We successfully installed the keel and re-installed the station stiffeners driving approximately 200 solid rivets.

Here a few pictures. There are finished pictures on another camera I will include as soon as I can. Jon