Left and Right Inner Fender Wells

Started with an 1/8" in place wire form for the right side, front.
  • Paper pattern off of that wire form.
  • Paper pattern transferred to .039" AKDQ steel sheet.
  • Shaped three steel plugs using the paper patterns and the wire form.
  • Butt welded the sections together.
  • Dressed welds.
  • Squashed and planished welds.
  • Adjusted and hand manipulated fender well to wire form and actual fit to car.
  • Final trim and installed wired edge.
  • Final fit up.
  • Took paper patterns, two.
  • Joined paper patterns again on finished fender well.
  • Using a fine line tape at the ideal single weld joint, then cut the two patterns apart again.
  • Cut two steel plugs (only two pieces on this one).
  • Using the paper patterns inside out the plugs were shaped.
  • We then used the paper patterns to scribe the butt joints on both pieces.
  • The same process was used on the left as on the right.
  • The left side took less than half the time as the original right side. With two pieces not the final four on the right.
    These are inner panels however we still took them to a very nice but not perfect metal finish.